On September 28th, the UBC Thunderbirds will recognize their game against the University of Alberta as a Community Day. The game will be organized and promoted to showcase the numerous community programs, athletes, and coaches.

There is a special reduced rate of $5 per ticket for teams who are able to commit to 25 tickets (per age group team) or 200 tickets as an organization.

Teams with enough participants will:

  • Be allowed on the field for pre-game warm-up.

  • Have their team logos added to the pre-game video loop and be displayed on the big screen.

  • Be addressed by the Head Coach of UBC

  • Have the opportunity to participate in one of three half time – mini games.

  • Be part of the “team picture” with the Thunderbirds immediately following the game.

Please provide the below info so we can confirm if Raiders will have enough attendees:

Family Contact *
Family Contact