Welcome to the registration page for Richmond Minor Football League (RMFL).

We are excited to welcome back returning players and thrilled to have new players join our team. Our culture of inclusion has developed strong relationships and a spirit of community to many youth and families.

Registration can be submitted online with the below form or submitted in person.

Have a question? Click here and we will be happy to follow-up with you!

Registration Fees:

  • $200.00 - Mini Flag (born 2012-2014) - includes insurance and all equipment necessary (except cleats), and players keep mouth guards & soft shell helmets.

  • $300.00 - Atom Flag (born 2010 & 2011)- includes insurance and all equipment necessary (except cleats), and players keep mouth guards & soft shell helmets.

  • $300.00 - All Tackle Football - Peewee (born 2008 & 2009), Tackle - Junior Bantam (born 2007 & 2006) Tackle - Bantam (born 2005 & 2004) & Tackle - Midget (born 2001-2003) - includes insurance and all equipment necessary (except cleats).

After your registration is paid and before the first practice, a deposit cheque is required (post dated to November 1, 2019) for the following:

  • $100 for volunteering (returned upon completion of a minimum of 2 volunteer hours)

  • $400 for tackle equipment (returned upon complete return of all equipment & jerseys)

  • No equipment deposit required for fall flag.

Coaches will contact you regarding practice schedules and picking up your equipment.

Refund Policy:

  • All refunds will be charged a $25 administration fee

  • The following refund are available pending a player is injured or quits before the dates listed:
    Spring Flag Season:
    100% refund (minus cost of 2 jerseys) - prior to April 15th
    no refund - after April 15th

    Fall Flag & Tackle Season:
    100% refund - prior to July 31st
    50% refund - prior to September 1st
    no refund - after September 1st

Consent Policy:

Upon submitting a registration form, the applicant hereby approves and consent to the named players participating in the Richmond Minor Football Association program on behalf of myself, members of my family, my heirs, administrators and assigns, forever release, discharge and hold harmless Richmond Minor Football League and its members or volunteers from loss and any or all liability arising from any act or omission on their part resulting from any injury, fatality, illness or damage of property occurring as a consequence of the said participant. I also acknowledge that I have read and understand the terms of conduct set out in the RMFL's conduct policy and accept the terms and understand the consent which I now sign.

Registration Form:

Payment Options

The below options are available to submit your registration fees.

Please ensure payments are made to the Registrar before the first game in order to avoid registration cancellation.


Please select the below for submitting your payment. PayPal will accept all major credit cards.

Select Registration Type:
Name of Player:


Cheques are to be made out to Richmond Minor Football League and submitted directly to the Registrar. Registrar can be emailed by clicking here.

If paying through KidSport or JumpStart, please ensure proof of of your submitted application is provided to the Registrar prior to the first game to avoid any registration cancellations.


KidSport is a is a national not-for-profit organization that provides financial assistance for registration fees and equipment to kids aged 18 and under. Through a confidential application process they provide grants so they can play a season of sport.


Founded in 2005, Jumpstart Charities helps kids overcome financial and accessibility barriers to sport and recreation in an effort to provide inclusive play for kids of all abilities.